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Teenagers care about youth violence and they are standing together


Teenagers care about youth violence and they are standing together.

We’re here to provide the information and resources you need.


Congratulations to our partners, Futures Without Violence, for winning a Webby for the teen site – That’s Not Cool!

It’s a fantastic resource for teens to address violence, specifically dating and online violence in their lives.

Teens: Become and Ambassador and take one more step in helping creating Safer Tomorrows for all of us here in Grand Forks County!


Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

In recognition of February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, we brought back the Break Up 101 Presentations …. by popular demand!

Maintaining respect and dignity is ALWAYS the goal of any relationship, even during break ups.

They happen. And happen again. And sometimes again.

These presentations provide tools on how to handle them the best way for yourself, your partner, and (FOR PARENTS!) your child.
Iwitnessbullying Emoji“This is so cool!”
“I can use this emoji when words don’t work.”

I want to learn more about . . .

Teen Dating Violence          Bullying          Cyber Bullying           Sexual Assault


Have you seen this is your school’s gym?
Look for it. What do you think it means as a fan?
A player? A parent? Let’s find out!

Find more great resources on dating violence and abuse here:

Safer Tomorrows HAND
Five ways to lend a hand.

You can help create Safer Tomorrows in lots of ways. The most important one is by spreading the word.

People are here to help you or someone you know…right now. If violence happens to you, you are not alone – Get Help Now