From Sunset to Sunrise

“Every sunset an end. And a beginning.” – Me

For lack of effort of finding a moving or otherwise applicable quote from a famous person in our history or present, you get the above.

I hope you take it in the spirit intended: We make our own impact on the world. What we do individually has impact and meaning. Our own quotes matter.

So my quote means that the leadership and partners with Safer Tomorrows recognize we are in a transition but move on.

Our journey began with an amazing group of passionate community advocates and dreamers. And opportunists. When the DOJ’s Defending Childhood Initiative grant program was announced, local leaders seized the opportunity.

From planning grants to the brainstorming sessions that birthed the very identity of Safer Tomorrows, this project came into our world. The work has been challenging. Corralling this many partners is the cliché ‘herding cats’. Working with this large of project through the federal government and all the reports and site visits. Balancing innovation with taxpayer accountability. It wasn’t always the smoothest projects.

But gosh was (is) it rewarding.

And that’s why we’re so determined the ending of the federal funding part of our lives does not mean the end, period.

Our Sunrise brings a renewed commitment to sustain the progress of Safer Tomorrows. It means continuing the downward trends in tracked negative incidents. It means continuing to raise awareness of the ongoing issues – and they’re all ongoing. It means reaffirming the shift in culture that has happened in our county, a culture that today, more than five years ago, will not tolerate physically or emotionally abuse behavior by anyone, to anyone.

Our Sunrise, like a new day you might find on a nearby farm, is a new opportunity forged from yesterday’s hard work. We pull on our work clothes, give a smile or hug to those around us, fuel up our heart and body, and step out into a day of promise.

As the front door creaks, the first light breaks over the fields of our Safer Tomorrow.

And what a Sunrise it is.