What our Safer Tomorrow looks like

What our Safer Tomorrow looks like

Every person has a role in helping end violence. We know it and we own it. Ten out of ten kids stand up to an incident of bullying on the playground. Every community member knows how to intervene when they see an act of violence in process. They know where to turn for help and what to say and do to support someone who has been victimized.

How we are getting there

Community Awareness
Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Coaching Boys Into Men

Creating Positive Change through Community Initiatives

Communities committed to making positive change can follow five action strategies to guide the programs, initiatives, and work they do in their own towns, cities, or communities. The strategies provide a practical approach to identifying, encouraging, and linking all the important people, places, activities, and programs necessary for a powerful collective effort. With a focused initiative, you can intensify your efforts to:

  1. Engage adults from all walks of life to develop sustained, strength-building relationships with children and adolescents, both within families and in neighborhoods.
  2. Mobilize young people to use their power as asset builders and change agents. This means listening to their input and including them in decision making.
  3. Activate sectors of the community such as schools, congregations, businesses, youth, human services, and health-care organizations-to create an asset-building culture and to contribute fully to young people’s healthy development.
  4. Invigorate programs to become more asset rich and to be available and accessible to children and youth.
  5. Civic decisions by influencing decision makers and opinion leaders to leverage financial, media and policy resources in support of this positive transformation of communities and society.

These strategies are not tasks to complete one by one in sequence. Instead, as you strengthen relationships within and between these spheres of influence you will build a web of interconnected supported efforts. Long-lasting success happens by merging the asset-building capacities of community members in all settings where the lives of adults and youth intersect. It takes the combination of five strategies to make lasting positive change.

You can help create Safer Tomorrows. The most important one is by spreading the word. Show your support. Lend A Hand.