What Does the Website Mean for a Safer Tomorrows

The website for Safer Tomorrows has always been intended to be a home base for partners and a first step resource for community members.

Like traditional websites, it stores and organizes information. Sometimes better than others.

Like traditional websites, it seeks to open access to programs and intent. It seeks to welcome you to be a part of who we are.

Like newer websites, on the other hand, safertomorrows.com is meant to be as engaging and as expedient as the typical social media user is on her smart phone.

Whether you are coming to us for the first time and seeking direct assistance or are a returning partner checking in on a program’s progress, our goal is to ensure you find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. If you happen to be drawn to a bit of extra information and excitement, all the better.

The role of maintain this site has been assumed by the City of Grand Forks. The information cultivated here of course belongs to the dozens of partners who created it over the last few years. The local partners informed our work with survivors and with our school children. Hours upon hours of training and implementation were invested into the programs you’ll find here.

As website maintainers, we feel it is appropriate to be the “backbone infrastructure” just like you might think of roads or the city’s water system. The site is not meant to be the actual work but the resources and foundation on which the business of creating a safer tomorrows is based.

Other partners have their own role as the sustained effort continues. Teaching, training and trauma-informed response continues at both the CVIC and our Public Schools. Restorative Justice and preparing healthy families continues through LSS. Other partners carry on with the implemented curriculum. Still others continue to innovate, adapt and inform further progress. Yet others are just beginning their journey with us, a life event bringing this work into their field of view.

When they need to connect, find each other and a way forward. We’ll be here.