You have worked hard to build this community

“You have worked hard to build this community. Like all leaders, your legacy and those with whom you have led the community will be one based for a large part on ‘how are our children doing’. ” Michael R. Brown, Mayor of Grand Forks

This is our Safer Tomorrow and together we can get there!

You – as a leader – have a reputation for addressing challenges head-on and for promoting our community as the best in the nation. Here’s your chance to be on board with a nationally-recognized program that will potentially impact our community and our children for decades to come.

What you can do:
  1. Join in/support community efforts to end childhood exposure to violence
  2. Share your vision of a safer tomorrow
  3. Educate yourself and colleagues on the issues
  4. Ensure access to services for all children and families affected by violence
  5. Be a voice in developing policy and change to shape a safer tomorrow

This is a countywide effort and your leadership is needed to get everyone on board.
Community members follow your lead. Learn more about the issues and how it impacts our community.

Childhood exposure to violence is a problem in our community and it affects who we are.

There is no doubt violence exists. What is often in doubt is the extent to which it exists and what the real impact on our children is. The good news is that the Safer Tomorrows collaboration is full of people and organizations who are committed to emphasizing the positive ways we can end or mitigate childhood exposure to violence.