The Safer Tomorrows


The Safer Tomorrows coalition exists to change the way our community perceives and responds to children’s exposure to violence. This coalition will support you and the job you are already doing.

What you can do:

  1. Join the Safer Tomorrows Coalition – become a resource
  2. Learn more about violence and the effects on children and families
  3. Be informed on best practices in responding to victimized children and families
  4. Screen for exposure to violence and be aware of polyvictimization
  5. Learn more about the effects of trauma on children and adolescents
  6. Refer children and families to services
  7. Ensure access to services for all children and families affected by violence
  8. Network with other providers
  9. Support yourself and colleagues to lessen the effects of secondary/vicarious trauma
  10. Educate others about childhood exposure to violence – share your expertise

Share your vision of a safer tomorrow!

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