Any form of gender-based violence is never okay

Any form of gender-based violence is never okay.

It’s a clear rule. How have you enforced it? Be a role model.

You know you are being watched. What a wonderful opportunity to teach by your actions?

What type of man will your son grow up to be?

Some of the things we do are “normal”, “ingrained”, or simply “just the way we do things around here”. We know that most men understand when a line is being crossed … and you are one of ‘most men.”

Safer Tomorrows has implemented amazing programs like Coaching Boys into Men, the Fourth R, and others (see below for a complete list of links) that will provide reinforcement at school and on the field for the lessons you model at home.

Fathers and Sons

And check out the White House Announcement on the new “It’s On Us!” Campaign for Men and Boys!

“What you can do (From A Call to Men – Committed to Ending Violence Against Women)”

  1. Acknowledge and understand how male dominance and aspects of unhealthy manhood are at the foundation of domestic and sexual violence.
  2. Examine and challenge individual beliefs and the role that everyone plays in supporting men who are abusive.
  3. Recognize and stop colluding with other men by getting out of socially defined roles, and take a stance to prevent domestic and sexual violence.
  4. Remember that silence is affirming. When people choose not to speak out against domestic and sexual violence they are supporting it.
  5. Educate and re-educate our sons and other young men about responsibility in preventing domestic and sexual violence.
  6. ”Break out of the man box”- Challenge traditional images of manhood that stop people from actively taking a stand in domestic and sexual violence prevention.
  7. Accept and own the responsibility. Domestic and sexual violence will not end until everyone becomes part of the solution to end it. We must take an active role in creating a cultural and social shift that no longer tolerates violence and discrimination against women and girls.
  8. Stop supporting the notion that domestic and sexual violence is due to mental illness, lack of anger management skills, chemical dependency, stress, etc… Domestic and sexual violence is rooted in male dominance and the socialization of men.
  9. Take responsibility for creating appropriate and effective ways to educate and raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence prevention.
  10. Create responsible and accountable men’s initiatives in your community to support domestic and sexual violence prevention. Copyright © 2004, ACT Men Inc. All rights – above is from this website:

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